Administrator’s Office

Department Mission

Provide managerial leadership to ensure goals, objectives, and priorities are implemented efficiently and effectively as defined and directed by the Reno-Sparks Indian Colony Tribal Council and Chairman.

Goals & Objectives

In furtherance of the Tribal Administration's mission, the FY 2022 budget request will be used to support the mission with the following Goals and Objectives for FY 2022:

Goal 1Enhance collaboration of the RSIC departments and programs to better serve RSIC.
Develop management improvement plans to diminish barriers to effective management.
Goal 2Improve Interdepartmental Communications.
Develop positive interdepartmental communication to prevent conflict, increase efficiency, and satisfy the RSIC Community members and visitors.
Goal 3Ensure goals, objectives, and priorities are implemented efficiently and effectively.
Ensure goal alignment by ensuring the RSIC Strategic Plan is incorporated into each department's Goals and Objectives.
Goal 4Establish Guidelines for Effective Fiscal Management.
Ensure RSIC Departments maintain effective financial management to ensure relevance to the RSIC Strategic Plan, and emerging issues, that may affect the budget process.