Public Works

Sandbags Available at:

Hungry Valley Work Yard
9055 Eagle Canyon Drive
Sparks, Nevada  89441

Fleet Management

  • Tony Navarro, Fleet Technician
  • Anthony Rambeau, Fleet Mechanic
  • Sheldon Tom, Mechanic Assistant


Maintenance II

  • Wayne Roberts, Maintenance Lead
  • Cyrus Davis, Maintenance II
  • Kevin O'Daye, Maintenance II
  • Virgil Tom, Maintenance II
  • Jilbert Tupaz, Maintenance II
  • Jody McCloud, Maintenance I
  • Shanda Stanton, Maintenance I
  • Jeremy Hightower, Landscape Specialist
  • Vaidas Buneviciene, Carpenter
  • Steve Calderon, Electrician

Building Custodian

  • Valerie Smith, Custodian Lead
  • Edita Bueneviciene, Custodian
  • Barbara Christy, Custodian
  • Lucier George, Custodian
  • Teresa Sanchez, Custodian
  • Shawnda Stanton, Custodian

Transit Operators

  • Richard Thomas, Driver morning
  • Mike Kane, Driver afternoon
  • Josephine Garcia, Driver part-time

Utility Department

  • Daryl Gardipe, Utilities Supervisor
  • Gilbert Sam, Utilities Assistant

Public Works

The Reno-Sparks Public Works Department has 24 full-time employees and is responsible for providing a variety of services to the residents of the Colony and Hungry Valley. The main function is to administer and mange the construction, operation and maintenance of the RSIC infrastructure, facilities, buildings, landscaped areas, parks, utilities, transit system, roads, fleet services, and public spaces to meet existing and future needs of the Tribal Council and the community.

Our mission is to improve the quality of life for all RSIC residents through responsive, efficient and effective delivery of services to all and reflect a can-do attitude with our customers.

The following services are provided to the Colony residents:

  • Street maintenance
  • Snow and ice control
  • Traffic maintenance
  • Sidewalk maintenance and replacement
  • Drainage maintenance and repairs
  • Water production and distribution maintenance
  • Parking lot maintenance
  • Refuse collection and disposal
  • Weed control
  • Recycling collection and disposal
  • Yard waste collection and processing
  • Graffiti abatement
  • Custodial operations
  • Building and ground maintenance
  • Landscape and parks maintenance
  • Project management
  • Fleet management and maintenance
  • Parks and recreation

The RSIC Public Works Department consists of the following divisions: administrative, maintenance and operations, disposal, transit, fleet service, utilities, facility services and road maintenance.

We appreciate your requests and thank you for being our "eyes and ears" throughout the community. Please call 775-785-1341 or email email Public Works Department to request service.

The administrative division functions as the department's coordinator and provides leadership to the department as a whole.

The maintenance and operations division is responsible for maintaining all Colony buildings which includes remodeling and tenant improvements and custodian services. The division also provides safe streets and walkways throughout the Colony for vehicular and pedestrian travel. The maintenance and operations division strives to keep the public right-of-way in a manner that is aesthetically pleasing through weed abatement, drainage of infrastructure and landscaping which fosters a sense of community pride. This reflects the quality of life and standards expected by our resident. This division also handles graffiti removal.

The disposal division provides specific fee-based services through responsive, efficient and effective delivery of solid waste removal services.

The transit division provides reliable transportation services for community members, residents and guests to seek and maintain medical services, employment opportunities and human services. In addition, the transit division provides transportation services to the RSIC community to reduce the dependence and cost associated with operating an automobile.

The fleet service monitors, maintains and repairs a fleet of 70 vehicles and related equipment to provide the RSIC with safe, reliable vehicles and equipment. Using proactive and preventative maintenance and repair programs, the fleet service provides the highest quality fleet maintenance services at the lowest possible cost.

The utilities division manages the operations and maintenance of the Colony's water and waste-water services. In addition, the utilities division provides many other public works related maintenance services to the community.

The facility services division is responsible for supporting the daily business and activities of the RSCI maintained building. Through responsive custodial and maintenance services, this division ensures a clean, healthy and safer work environment.

The road maintenance division provides hazard-free and safe roadways for motorists.

The public works department also maintains green space and all parks throughout the RSIC.