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RSIC Housing Public Meeting ICDBG

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RSIC Housing Public Comment Form (PDF)

Indian Community Development Block Grant (ICDBG) Program

Federal aid for Indian tribes and Alaska Native Villages to develop viable Indian communities.

Nature of Program: Offers grants on a competitive basis to eligible Indian tribes and Alaska Native Villages to improve the housing stock, provide community facilities, make infrastructure improvements, fund microenterprises, and expand job opportunities. Eligible activities include housing rehabilitation, acquisition of land for housing, and assistance for homeownership opportunities for low- and moderate-income persons. Grantees may also use funds for construction of single- or multi-use facilities, streets, and public facilities, as well as for economic development projects, especially those sponsored by nonprofit tribal organizations or local development corporations (Categories: Housing, Community Facilities and Economic Development). Funds may not be used for constructing or improving government facilities, for new housing construction (unless carried out by an eligible nonprofit organization), for general government or income expenses, for operating or maintenance expenses, for political activities, or to purchase equipment.

Applicant Eligibility: Indian tribes, bands, groups, or nations, including Alaskan Indians, Aleuts, and Eskimos and Alaska Native Villages, that are eligible for assistance under the Indian Self-Determination and Education Assistance Act or had been eligible under the state and local Fiscal Assistance Act of 1972.

Funding Distribution: Under Section 106 of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974, one % of the Title I CDBG appropriation, excluding amounts appropriated for use under Section 107, is allocated for grants to Indian tribes. This regional allocation, which goes to the Area Offices of Native American Programs (ONAP) responsible for the program, consists of a base amount plus a formula share of the balance of the Indian CDBG program funds. The funds are distributed by the Area ONAP Offices to Indian tribes and Alaska Native Villages on a competitive basis, according to selection criteria set forth in a regulation and Notice of Funding Availability.


Funding for the Completion of 25-Lot Infrastructure Project

RSIC will be applying to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for the 2021 Indian Community Development Block Grant (ICDBG) to attain funding to complete the infrastructure for the Hungry Valley Phase 1 25-Lot Subdivision Project (25-Lot Subdivision). The ICDBG application to be submitted will be up to $700,000.

Total project budget for the 2021 ICDBG is estimated at $1,100,000. The ICDBG project budget includes:

  • $700,000 from 2021 ICDBG
  • $400,000 of leveraged funds from the 2022 Indian Housing Block Grand (IHBG)

The overall project budget for 25-Lot Subdivision is estimated at $4,941,269. RSIC plans to utilize several sources of funding for this project. Funding sources to be utilized will be from the ICDBG, IHBG and USDA Loan and Grant. The funds and sources are identified below:

Funding SourceAmount
2021 ICDBG$ 700,000
2022 IHBG$ 2,556,685
2021 USDA Loan and Grant$ 1,684,584
Total Sources of Funding
$ 4,941,269

RSIC will leverage $400,000 of the $2,556,685 from the 2022 IHBG. This provides a leveraging percentage of 36% (400,000/1,100,000=.36). Leveraging of funds provides the opportunity to attain points during the review process which will increase the chances of the application being selected for funding.

The number of lots identified to serve low-income families will be identified towards the completion of the ICDBG application. This will incorporate low-rent units, lease to purchase units and 184-loan program units.

For more information or to submit a public comment, call 775-785-1300 or email Housing Department.