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On Feb 24, the Planning Department facilitated a community meeting at the Reno Colony to provide information and receive responses from the participants on the future management and planning of Hungry Valley. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic event and our concern for the public health, the community meeting in Hungry Valley was cancelled. We need to continue to move forward with the process of gathering community input to plan the future of Hungry Valley. Please take some time to watch the Chairman’s video on YouTube (, Facebook ( or

After watching the video, you can complete the survey at, or you can call 775-785-1363 ext 5400, or email Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.


In 2016, RSIC received an additional 13,434 acres – nearly 21 square miles – of land in Hungry Valley through the signing of the Nevada Native Nations Lands Act. RSIC is now at the beginning stages of planning for the future of Hungry Valley, specifically in regards to the types of land use that will be considered in Hungry Valley. At the same time, neighboring agencies are also exploring projects that would potentiallyimpact RSIC and Hungry Valley. The first project is the proposed extension of Eagle Canyon Drive to connect Hungry Valley with Spanish Springs and Lemmon Valley. This would potentially increase traffic south of the community while also providing better access for community members to Lemmon Valley/395, enhancing public safety due to multiple paved routes entering/exiting the Colony, and potentially bring additional economic development opportunities to RSIC. The second project is determining the feasibility of importing clean water into Hungry Valley. Importing water will increase the amount of water available to RSIC for future community, agriculture, and economic development. At the same time, it would alter the landscape of the valley by creating a series of seasonal water features to capture thewater being imported.

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