Established in 1971, the Reno-Sparks Indian Colony Recreation Program is to improve the health and well-being of its members and families through new and established recreation activities, sports and community events and ensuring participants a safe and secure facility with a knowledgeable staff.

In 2002, the Recreation Department expanded its facilities through the addition of the Hungry Valley Recreations Center.  Tribal members, residents and authorized guests can enjoy the television room, the lounge, a game room, the gymnasium, a mirrored exercise room and a weight room with treadmills and elliptical machines, plus there are three rooms available for public use, i.e., meetings, birthday parties, receptions, etc.

At 34 Reservation Road, the facility underwent major renovations to expand the space to include a designated game room, television room, lobby, a small kitchen and new basketball goals for the gymnasium.

Jean Wadsworth, Manager

Reno Gym:
34 Reservation Road Reno, NV 89502
Phone:  (775) 329-4930
Fax: (775) 789-5609

Hungry Valley Gym:
9075 Eagle Canyon Drive, Sparks, NV 89441
Phone:  (775) 785-1360
Fax: (775) 424-1819

Vic Sam Reno Recreation Supervisor
Little Buck Harjo Reno Recreation Assistant
Randy Melendez Reno Recreation Assistant
 Daisy Nuanes Reno Recreation Assistant
 Shane Sanchez Reno Recreation Assistant
Spencer Wasson Reno Recreation Assistant
Joanna Hicks  Hungry Valley Recreation Supervisor
Shane Bill  Hungry Valley Gym Supervisor
Jacob Bill  Hungry Valley  Recreation Assistant
Terry Keo Hungry Valley Recreation Assistance
Harlan Malone Hungry Valley Recreation Assistant
Arthur Wasson Hungry Valley Recreation Assistant