Environmental Program

The Environmental Program is charged to advocate for sustainability and protect the environment, health, and safety of the Reno-Sparks Indian Colony. It ensures enforcement of environmental statutes, regulations, ordinances, resolutions, policies, and permits relating to the protection of the environment. The staff continuously works on inventories, assessments, and investigations to identify and address environmental issues.

Click here to See What the Air Quality Is In Reno-Sparks

Click the link above to see what the Environmental Protection Agency says about real-time air quality data in the area. Children and the elderly are particularly susceptible to air pollution, which can harm their lungs and hearts. The Air Quality Index helps you track when the air pollution levels are in an unhealthy range so you can modify activities as necessary to protect your health.

Vacant, MPH, Manager
Phone:  (775) 785-1363, ext. 5407
Fax: (775) 789-5652
Email:  cstowell@rsic.org
1937 Prosperity Street
Reno, NV 89502

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Click Here for Spring Environmental Events: Spring 2020 Flyer
Some specific information about some of the Environmental Program’s initiatives are outlined below:

*Recycling at RSIC

*RADON Testing at RSIC 

The Environmental Program conducts biennial Radon testing as suggested for the Head Start and Childcare Classrooms as well as the Senior Center. See link for more info on Radon in Nevada:  https://extension.unr.edu/radon/Default.aspx 

*RSIC Christmas Tree Collection

The Environmental Program partners with RSIC Public Works to promote the collection of Christmas trees during the season. These trees are turned into mulch and used in tribal landscaping projects.

Yearly the RSIC takes the lead in organizing this event at no charge. The Environmental Program provides a collection service for the RSIC Hungry Valley Community to assist residents as needed.

In addition the Environmental Program works with the RSIC Public Works department to complete a thorough collection of Christmas trees.

*Oil Recycling at Pow Wow
The Environmental Program introduced cooking oil recycling or rendering to the NUMAGA Days Pow Wow.

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*Composting at RSIC
The RSIC Environment Program has been promoting keeping green waste out of the landfill. The Compost Pilot Project was implemented in 2019 and the community has embraced the efforts of reducing food waste and returning organics back to Mother Earth. 

To participate, see compost location near dumpsters by Anderson Park in Reno. If you have questions, call 775-785-1363 ext. 5407.

*RSIC Clean-up on Eagle Canyon

*RSIC & Illegal Dumping 

Report & Document Illegal Dumping. For more info call 775-785-1363.