ALERT (March 10th) -Possible Flooding & Power Outages This Weekend! Sandbags available to RSIC residents!

RSIC Alert -Possible Flooding & Power Outages! Be prepared & stock up on food/medications/supplies to last 72hrs. Clear drainage areas.

Tribal Health Center Patients! Get Your Prescriptions Early!
Call Pharmacy, 775-329-5162

Sandbags available to RSIC Residents.
Reno Colony: Rick Castro, 775-453-5292
Hungry Valley: Doug Gardipe, 775-221-1575

In case of an emergency, dial 911.
Tribal Police: 775-785-8776

Being Prepared Means Planning Ahead.

Flash Flooding & How to Stay Safe Tips at—how-to-stay-safe.html

Disaster Safety for People with Disabilities Tips,