The Records Center is the central storage area for the RSIC's permanent and inactive records. The Records Center is under the management of the Archives and Records Management Program. It is a free service to all Colony departments, programs, and enterprises.

The Records Center stores records that must be kept for specific periods of time.

A department transferring records to the Records Center retains ownership of its records. The staff at the Records Center is responsible for providing protective measures to prevent fire, theft, unauthorized access, and misuse of the records.

These records are usually referred to intermittently, but not enough to justify their retention in office space.

Each department controls access to its records and any information contained within the Records Center will only be given to persons with authorized access.

Before records can be transferred to the Records Center, a current Records Retention Schedule must be in effect or pending approval.

If the required retention of specific records is less than one year, it is not economical to transfer these records to the Records Center.

A department initiates a records transfer by contacting the Archives and Records Center and completing a Records Transfer Form (form RMS). A folder-by-folder index is required if the records being transferred are considered to be valuable or permanent.

All box labels must contain the three-digit code assigned to their department or program, followed by the box number. After the boxes are properly labeled and the transfer forms are complete, the Archives and Records Center will arrange for the physical transfer of your records.

The Records Center is equipped with open-type shelving units constructed of metal and particleboard.

Departments are responsible for purchasing their own storage cartons. A standard cardboard container (15x12x10) with a lid is required for all records. A single-wall container is suitable for short-term storage, but the double-wall carton should be used for long-term storage of records.

Request for records stored at the Records Center should be made by email or phone. If there is no rush, a written request may be submitted by using a Request for Records Form (form RM4) and placing it in the Archives mailbox located at the Administration Office, 98 Colony Road. All forms are located in the Outlook - Public Folders.

Requests must include the request's name, department, date, department code, box number, a brief description of the contents, and an authorized signature of the department director or manager.

Records requested in the morning are usually delivered the same day. Record requested in the afternoon will be delivered the next business day, unless you request a "rush delivery" which means usually within 1 to 2 hours.

The Records Center provides an on-site shredding service. Prior to the destruction of records, appropriate signatures will be obtained from the directors of finance office, if applicable.

All forms pertaining to Records Management may be found in the Outlook Public Folders or requests from the Archives and Records Center.