Human Services

Adriana Botello, Director
Commods 017

405 Golden Lane
Reno, NV 89502

Phone:  (775) 329-5071, ext. 1305
Fax:  (775) 785-8758

Cheryl Douglas, Social Worker
Phone:  (775) 785-1309 or
Phone:  (775) 329-5071, ext. 1309

Anissa Osborne, Social WorkerSunflower
Phone:  (775) 785-1308 or
Phone:  (775) 329-5071, ext. 1308

Chelsea O’Day, Social Worker
Phone:  (775) 785-1312 or
Phone:  (775) 329-5071, ext. 1312

Vanessa Taylor-Loya, Human Services Assistant
Phone:  (775) 329-5071, ext. 1311

The purpose of Reno-Sparks Indian Colony Human Services is to provide family-centered and culturally sensitive protective services to children and adults of the Colony and to other federally recognized American Indian and Alaska Native tribes in the area.

A major component of the work done by Human Services is to maintain children in their homes or within the tribe in quality licensed foster homes and to address permanency for children within 14 months of removal.  Human Services also maintains Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) cases and provides economic assistance for indigent enrolled adult members. In addition, Human Services also can provide burial assistance to eligible members of any federally recognized tribe.

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Some of the services and programs Human Services administers include: child protective services, adult protective services, adult guardianship case management services, foster care licensing, fiduciary – all wards, Indian general assistance, crisis relief, professional case management services and referrals.