The Finance Department serves many important functions for the Reno-Sparks Indian Colony and maintains several services used by the members, residents and businesses.  Finance services include sewer, water service, garbage disposal, business permits and sales tax, procurement, accounts payable, budget administration and payroll for more than 300 employees and committee members.

Contact Information

Savita Shukla, Chief Financial Officer
ext. 3230

34 Reservation Road
Reno, NV 89502Pine Cone

Phone:  (775) 329-2936
Fax:  (775) 785-8765

William Astor Procurement Tech. ext. 3201
Beverly Burger Account Technician/Accounts Payable ext. 3252
Keri Brewster Accounting Supervisor I ext. 5419
Marie Frazier Account Technician/Accounts Payable ext. 3255
Shelly Harjo Contract and Grants Manager ext. 3202
Lianne Kelly Account Technician/Payroll ext. 3211
Joan Lowery Account Technician/Accounts Payable/Billing ext. 3265
Melody Maranan Account Technician/Accounts Receivable ext. 3266
Eileen Phoenix General Ledger Accountant ext. 3254
Steven Saari Accounting Supervisor I ext. 5412
Robert Sampson Enterprise Accountant ext. 3216
Cameron Smith Procurement Officer ext. 3248
Eugene Sanders Contract and Grants Manager ext. 3221
Willett Y. Smith Tax Manager ext. 3200
Shanda Stanton Accounts Receivable Technician ext. 3203
Antoinette Thayer Accounts Receivable ext. 3270
Tiffany Thompson General Ledger Accountant ext. 3206
Kathleen Wright-Bryan Tax Clerk ext. 3220
Marlene Yarrow Senior Account Technician ext. 3267