Language & Culture


The Reno-Sparks Indian Colony’s Language & Culture Program’s mission is to help community members develop a positive cultural identity by learning their Great Basin languages and cultures (Numu (Paiute), Newe (Shoshone) and Washeshu (Washo).

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Washoe County School District Paiute Classes

Language Classes – will resume in February*

Beginner Level Language Classes
The Beginner Level Language Classes are held weekly throughout the year. The Tribal Council holds a high importance of the three RSIC languages and the program keeps a consistent schedule.  The Language & Culture program supports the progress in student learning.  The Beginner Level Paiute, Shoshone and Washoe Language Classes are weekly 2-hour foundational classes that focus on “everyday” conversational speech.


 Beginner Level Classes




Dates: Thursdays
Time: 6-8pm
Location: 34 Reservation Road Conference Room
Instructor: Thaila Dick


Dates: Wednesdays
Time: 5-7pm
Location: Hungry Valley Recreation


Dates: Tuesdays
Time: 6-8pm
Location: RSIC Library
Instructor: Florence Millet

Youth Language Classes
Best practices in Indigenous language revitalization have taught us that the most meaningful language learning opportunities are language efforts focused on youth. The Language & Culture, Head Start, Child Care and the After School Programs offer weekly Paiute language classes in each of the classrooms.

Senior Language Classes
The Language & Culture and Seniors Programs have collaborated to offer beginner level lessons on a weekly basis at the Senior Center.

Cultural Events
Monthly Cultural Activities
Each month the Language & Culture Program plans culturally centered activities for the community.

Indian Day Celebration – Fourth Friday in September
To recognize Nevada’s state recognized Native American Day, each year the planning committee lines up a family friendly evening of cultural pride, food and laughter.

Native American Heritage Month – November
In celebration of National Native American Heritage month, the program will schedule one event each week to share, teach and offer cultural information.

Language & Culture Staff
Stacey Burns, Coordinator
ext. 1321

Judy Martin, Language Program Assistant

401 Golden Lane
Reno, NV 89502

Phone: (775) 785-1321
Fax:   (775) 785-9161
Hours:  Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.



Paiute Language Instructor Thaila Dick
Youth Paiute Language Instructor Reynelda James
Youth Paiute Language Instructor Thalia Dick
Youth Paiute Language Instructor Christina Thomas
Shoshone Language Instructor Florence Millet
Washoe Language Instructor  


Language & Culture Advisory Board (RSIC-LCAB)

The Reno-Sparks Indian Colony’s Language and Culture Advisory Board (RSIC-LCAB) will serve the Reno-Sparks Indian Colony by preserving, protecting and promoting the Paiute, Shoshone, and Washoe languages and cultures. The RSIC-LCAB consists of five board seats – all serving two-year terms.

For a complete listing of all the month’s Language & Culture Program events, please call Judy Martin at (775) 785-1321 or click on the printable link here: