Tribal Ordinances

Volume 1
Title I Section 1-30-060 Limited Liability
Title 9 Domestic Relations
Schedule of Fees February 2013
Rules of Court Amended by Resolution 2013-RS-08 Feb 2013
RSIC Vol I Table of Contents
Bail Schedule August 2013
Title VI Family Code Chapter 1 Youth Offenders and Chapter 2 Child Dependency
Title V – Traffic Code
Title IV Criminal Offenses
Title III Criminal Procedure
Title I Tribal Court

Volume 2
Ordinance 24A Composition of Tribal Court
Ordinance 28B Enrollment Ordinance
Ordinance 29 Procedures for Future Ordinance
Ordinance 33 Emergency Curfew Ordinance 38 Housing
Ordinance 39A Gang Ordinance
Ordinance 44 Hungry Valley Utility Department
Ordinance 45 Graffiti
Ordinance 46 Solid Waste
Ordinance 48 Family Protection Ordinance Amended by Resolution 2013-RS-09 Feb 2013
Ordinance 49 Foreclosure & Eviction
Ordinance 50 Environmental
Ordinance 51 Land Assignment and Residential
Ordinance 52 Exclusion
Ordinance 53 Tribal Records
Ordinance 54 Filming and Photography

RSIC Vol II Table of Contents
Election Ordinance 12A Revised 5-16-13
Ordinance 2 Establish Tribal Court
Ordinance 7A Residency
Ordinance 8A RSIC Housing Authority
Ordinance 9A Water & Sanitation Systems
Ordinance 10B Animal Control
Ordinance 12A Election Amended 05182010
Ordinance 14A Liquor Control
Ordinance 20 Temporary Application of CFR

Volume 3
Ordinance No 30 Page 35
RSIC Utility Department – Fee and Billing Policies and Procedures
Vol III – Table of Contents
Ordinance 3 Control of Gaming
Ordinance 5A Gaming License
Ordinance 6 Non Member Gambling
Ordinance 22 Prohibition of Possession and Sales of Alcohol
Ordinance 26 Excise Tax for Tobacco Products
Ordinance 27 Class II Gaming Ordinance
Ordinance 30 Chapter 2 Tribal Corporations
Ordinance 30 Chapter 3 Non-Profit Corporations
Ordinance 30 Incorporation and Regulation of Corporations Chapter 1 Private Stock Corporations
Ordinance 31 Sales and Use Tax Code
Ordinance 32 Gaming License and Control
Ordinance 37 RSIC Commercial Code
Ordinance 40 Business License
Ordinance 41 Leasing of Commercial Property
Ordinance 42 Possessory Interest Tax
Ordinance 43 Gaming Taxes
Ordinance 46 Solid Waste
Ordinance 47 Commercial Personal Property Tax