Public Comment Sought for Proposed Amendments

A year ago, the Reno-Sparks Indian Colony Tribal Council approved the formation of a Constitution Revision Work Group to consider possible amendments to the RSIC Constitution.

The Work Group has held 10 meetings since that time to solicit input from the membership. While those discussions raised many issues that could be addressed by an amendment, the Work Group process narrowed the list of proposed amendments to a manageable one-half dozen areas.

The currently proposed amendments are linked and appear below.

The first column contains the current Constitution provision, if any, and the middle column contains the proposed amendment, and the third column contains an explanation and room for you to note your comments.

Comments at the meetings will be recorded. Each member may take up to 3 minutes to comment on the proposed amendments.

If a member is unable to attend the meetings, he/she may submit written comments to the Chairman’s office.  Written comments must be legibly signed by that member.

After discussion on proposed amendments by the membership, the language of the attached proposed amendments may be revised, or new amendments may be added, or amendments may be dropped, by decision of the Tribal Council. The Tribal Council most likely will finalize the proposed amendments, and adopt a Resolution for the BIA to conduct a Secretarial Election, at its April 26 Economic Development meeting in Hungry Valley or at a special meeting to be called for that purpose.

It is contemplated that the Secretarial Election will be held in late July (within 90 days after the BIA receives the tribe’s request for the election).

Since this is a “Secretarial Election” (a federally administered election conducted according to federal regulations) as required by the RSIC Constitution, Colony members must register to vote with the BIA for this election.

Registration with the BIA for a previous election is not valid for this election. If a member does not register with the BIA for this election, he/she will not receive the voting packet.

The BIA will be responsible for mailing you a registration form and mail ballot, etc., after the Colony requests the Secretarial Election.

The RSIC Constitution, and federal law, require a majority vote by at least 30 percent of its qualified voters to adopt any amendments to the Constitution, so it is important to register.

Voting will be by mail ballots sent to you by the BIA, so it is important to make sure the Enrollment Office has your current address which will be provided to the BIA.

Double click link below for informational PDFs:
Selected Amendments Comparison to 2011 Constitution March 20 (4)
Additional proposals with comparison April 3

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