Community Honors Warriors On Memorial Day

Telling on-lookers that as Native Americans, we have a sacred duty to keep the legacy of our nation’s warriors forever fresh in the memories of future generations, the Reno-Sparks Indian Colony Chairman, Arlan D. Melendez, led the tribe’s annual Memorial Day remembrance celebration last month.

“Our warriors have always fought for Mother Earth even before the United States
became a country,” Chairman Melendez said. “Native Americans have and always will protect our land no matter who the government authority is because this is our land, and that is why American Indians volunteer for military service
at a greater proportion than any other ethnicity.”

Chairman Melendez, a Marine who served during the Vietnam Conflict, began the ceremony by telling the crowd how Memorial Day, originally called Decoration Day, is a day of remembrance for those who have died in service of the
United States of America.

Chairman Melendez said that Memorial Day was borne out of the Civil War and a desire to honor our dead. The Chairman explained that in 1868, General John Logan, a commander of the Grand Army of the Republic, suggested that Decoration Day should be held for the purpose of decorating graves and in 1971 with Congressional approval of the National Holiday Act the last Monday in May officially became Memorial Day.

“This is a day when all Americans join together to remember the sacrifices of those who answered their nation’s call,” Chairman Melendez said. “Especially for those of us veterans who came home, there is a lot to be thankful for, despite the everyday trials and tribulations of life.”

In addition to Chairman Melendez’s remarks, volunteers added United States flags to all the graves of Native veterans at the Mountain View Cemetery near the downtown Colony and at the Hungry Valley Memorial Cemetery of the tribe’s rural reservation.

Augustin Jorquez, pastor at the Hungry Valley Christian Fellowship Church, told the on-lookers that Memorial Day is meant to bring all people together.

“Regardless of ideologies, race, creed, or political persuasion, we join together to remember the sacrifices of our tribal ancestors,” Jorquez said. “The freedoms that so many Americans enjoy today were paid for with the flesh and blood and with the tears of those whose lives were changed forever by the loss
of a loved.”

RSIC Departed Warriors
ABBIE, James, U.S. Marine
ALECK, Harold, U.S. Marine
ALECK, John, U.S. Marine
ALECK, Vira, U.S. Army/Air
ANTUNOVICH, Andrew, U.S. Navy
ASTOR, Wilbur, U.S. Army
BAKER, Robert Sr., U.S. Marine
BELL, Stanley, U.S. Marine
BONTA, Rodney, U.S. Army
CHAVEZ, Clarence, U.S. Marine
CHAVEZ, Leland, U.S. Navy
CHRISTY, Cecil, U.S. Army
CHRISTY, Kenneth, U.S. Navy
CHRISTY, Leroy, U.S. Army
COFFMAN, Michael Sr., U.S. Army
COFFEY, Max, U.S. Marine
COFFEY, William, U.S. Marine
CYPHER, Cleveland Sr., U.S. Army
CYPHER, Cleveland Jr., U.S. Marine
CYPHER, Curtis, U.S. Army
DALE, Kee Sr., U.S. Navy
DELORME, Jack J., U.S. Marine
DIXON, Ethel, U.S. Marine
DRESSLER, John Jr., U.S. Air Force
DUNBAR, Joseph, U.S. Army
EAGLE, Harvey, U.S. Army
EBEN, Carlos T., U.S. Army
EBEN, Leslie Sr., U.S. Navy
GIBBONS, Leland W., U.S. Marine
GIBSON, Gordon, Sr., U.S. Army
GUERRERO, Kenneth, U.S. Navy
GUERRERO, Robert, U.S. Marine
HARDIN, Cordell, U.S. Marine
HARDIN, Kenneth, U.S. Navy
HARJO, Margaret, U.S. Army Cadet
HARRINGTON, Ernie, U.S. Marine
JIM, James
JOHNSON, Brady Sr., U.S. Navy
JOHNSON, Brady, Jr., U.S. Navy
JOHNSON, Oscar Jr., U.S. Navy
JOHNSON, Oscar Sr., U.S. Army
KANE, George, U.S. Army/Air Corps
LANGWEATHER, Barney, U.S. Army
MAHONE, Patrick, U.S. Army
McCANN, Terry, U.S. Army
McDADE, Clarence, Army National Guard, & U.S. Coast Guard
MELENDEZ, Valentine, U.S. Marine
MILLER, Leslie, U.S. Marine
MOOSE, Willis, U.S. Army
NEZ, Freeland, U.S. Marine
NUMAN, Bert, U.S. Army
NUMAN, Eugene, U.S. Navy
NUMAN, Irving, U.S. Army
NUMAN, Vernon, U.S. Air Force
OCHIO, Carlos, U.S. Marine
O’DAYE, Stressler, U.S. Marine
O’NEIL, Irving, U.S. Army
O’NEIL, Louis, U.S. Marine
PAJINAM, Percy, U.S. Army
PANCHO, Clark, U.S. Marine
PANCHO, Donald, U.S. Marine
PANCHO, Hastings, U.S. Army
PANCHO, Hastings Sr., U.S. Navy
PETE, Thomas, U.S. Army
RIDLEY, Donald, U.S. Air Force
RIDLEY, Harold, U.S. Army
RIDLEY, Jack, U.S. Air Force
RIVERS, Joseph Jr., U.S. Army
SAM, Leroy Sr., U.S. Army
SAMPSON, Reginald U.S. Army
SAMPSON, Floyd Sr., U.S. Army
SANCHEZ, Charles Sr., US Marine
SANCHEZ, John, US Army
SANCHEZ, Tony Sr., U.S. Army
SHAW, Leonard, U.S. Army
SHAW, Robert, U.S. Navy
SMITH, Wilmer, U.S. Army
STEWART, Warren, U.S. Army
THOMAS, Albert D., U.S. Army
THOMAS, Harry D. Sr., National Guard
TOBEY, Kenneth, U.S. Army
TOBEY, Wayne D., U.S. Air Force
TOM, Clyde, U.S. Marine
WADSWORTH, Woodrow, U.S. Marine
WHEELER, Marvin, U.S. Army
WYATT, Harold, U.S. Air Force