Colony’s Newest Resident Born Unexpectedly at Home

When Reno-Sparks Indian Colony Tribal Police Officers are contacted by emergency dispatch, there is always uncertainty, but with 14 years in uniform, RSIC Tribal Police Officer Angelo Hafalla is not often caught off guard.

However, a call to a home on Reservation Road on Aug. 9 was nothing like Hafalla has ever experienced.

“When I received the call to respond, I was only advised that a woman was in labor,” Hafalla said. “There was no other information at that time, because dispatch was still gathering 911 call information from the woman’s mother.”

Hafalla said that after the recent Pyramid Lake /Tule Fire, he was careful, prepared and scared at the same time.

“Once I confirmed that it was a medical emergency, I thought of keeping the mother safe and calm, of keeping her medically stable, and continuing the flow of real-time information through dispatch until the paramedics arrived,” Hafalla said.

Once the police officer entered the home and observed the scene though, even Hafalla, a father of one, was stunned.

“The mother had already done all the work and she was holding the baby in her arms in the family’s bathroom,” Hafalla said. “I assisted the mother to sit on a chair and wrapped towels around both the baby and the mother.”

Hafalla said the baby was crying and the mother was calm.

So, Hafalla eagerly shared the good news with the emergency dispatcher and shortly thereafter, paramedics and the fire department arrived at the home.

For his actions, Hafalla received a letter of commendation. “Never in my 20 years with the RSIC police department, have we had an officer respond to the delivery of a baby,” said Sgt. Nida Harjo. “We never know what situation we are coming into and this was a first.”

Hafalla has been a member of the RSIC Tribal Police Department since 2011.

He is well-known throughout the Colony for his friendly demeanor, especially by young people.

Hafalla has worked with RSIC and Pyramid Lake youth for 12 years as a DARE Officer.

For his outstanding actions with the birth of the newest resident of the RSIC, Harjo presented Hafalla with his letter of commendation as well as an Exemplary Service Award.

Moreover, regardless of the remarkable experience of helping bring new life to our community, the RSIC Tribal Police Department, Harjo and Hafalla’s primary concern was and still remains with the baby boy and his entire family.

“I was so happy to hear that baby, mom, grandparents and the siblings are doing well,” Hafalla said.

Harjo also chimed in sending the family congratulations and best wishes.

“Our entire department wants to congratulate the family,” Harjo said.

For his assistance in delivering a healthy baby boy to the RSIC community, Officer Hafalla was honored.
For his assistance in delivering a healthy baby boy to the RSIC community, Officer Hafalla was honored.

Editor’s note: The following content is from Officer Hafalla’s letter of commendation: On behalf of the Reno-Sparks Indian Colony Police Department, I would like to take this opportunity to give recognition to Officer Angelo Hafalla.

Officer Hafalla displayed his professionalism in a calm manner without hesitation assessed the situation on:

Assisting on the delivery of a healthy baby boy on 08-09-2016 Officer Hafalla has proven not only to the Police Department, but also to the community that he will go above and beyond the call of duty without question or hesitation.

I commend you, Officer Hafalla, for your unselfish acts and tireless efforts that have proven you have served with honor, dedication and selflessness and an example for all to follow. Thank you for your service to the Reno-Sparks Indian Colony.

Sincerely, Sgt. Nida Harjo.