Tribal Government

The Reno-Sparks Indian Colony is a sovereign nation.  Its tribal government includes an elected chairman and an eight-member council which serves as the governing body per the RSIC Constitution.

The constitution gives the Tribal Council the authority and responsibility to raise revenues, incur expenses, enter into contracts, borrow money, administer funds, purchase land, and provide services for the general welfare and benefit of the Colony tribal and community members.

As a sovereign Indian nation, the RSIC Tribal Council carries the same unique powers and duties as any city council, county commission or legislative government across the United States.

Regular, monthly meetings are held to discuss and sometimes vote on matters that affect the Colony, its membership, the community and any aspect of the tribal government.

Four of the tribal council seats are up for election every two years and the tribal council is organized to include a chairman, vice-chairman, a secretary, and a treasurer.  The chairman shall be elected by the voters, and the vice-chairman, secretary, and treasurer shall be selected by the tribal council from within its own membership.

The Colony owns unique traditions, history, culture and languages which are essential for the progress of our tribe. The reservation covers about 2,000 acres and is located in central, west Reno, Nev. The tribal enrollment office reports a total membership of 1,149
as of February 2017.

The tribal council strives to maintain positive, constructive relationships and tribal unity. These important elements are the guiding principles for tribal economic development which exists to improve the quality of life for all, even those yet to be born.

The RSIC held its last tribal election on November 7, 2015. The Colony is an equal opportunity provider in accordance with applicable Colony and federal laws.

Following is a link to the Constitution And By Laws of the Reno-Sparks Indian Colony.


The 41st Reno-Sparks Indian Colony Tribal Council
Members of the 41st RSIC Tribal Council.
Tribal Leadership: back row, left to right: Daryl “Doug” Gardipe (Vice-Chairman), Ruth Sampson Guerrero, Arlan D. Melendez (Chairman), Theresa Coffman, and Jody McCloud. Front row, left to right: Robin Eagle (Secretary), Verna Nuno (Treasurer), Jacqueline Quoetone, and Shawna Johnson.