Famous Mankillers Pop Into Language Class

Last night at the Reno-Sparks Indian Colony, the nationally famous Mankillers provided an impromptu performance at our weekly Paiute language class.

The Mankillers is a Native American drum group that performs traditional pow wow music in the northern tradition. Its all-woman membership hails from all parts of America, including the tribes of Apache, Shoshone, Cherokee, Sioux, Creek, Paiute, Choctaw, Seminole, and Yaqui.

The group formed in 1991. Some of its members came from a student drum organization at Humboldt State University, while others came from an Arcata, Calif., drum group.

Four members of the Mankillers—Michon Eben, Kristy Orona, Tina Rizzo and April Frank Lillyana–sang and drummed during Paiute language class at the RSIC. Organized by the RSIC Language & Culture Department, Pauite is taught on Thursdays at 6 p.m., in the 34 Conference Room. For more information about additional language classes or any of the program offers, phone the L&C office at (775) 785-1321. Photo by Judy Martin


Weekly, community members gather at the RSIC to learn Pauite from Pyamid Lake elder Ralph Burns. This class photo includes: Top Row L-R Lisa Tom , Brendon Able, Tina Rizzo, Michon Eben, Stacey Burns, Ralph Burns, Jennie Burns, Tsanavi Spoonhunter, Linda Spoonhunter , Denise Frank-Grosz, Stacey Montooth, Kristy Orona, Jason Lopez, and Emma Williams. Bottom row L-R, Hope Dressler, April Frank Lillyana, Remi Dunn, and Powma Lopez-Williams. Photo by Judy Martin